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For years, A Competitive Inc has provided top-quality tuckpointing services for happy customers. This has given us experience in hundreds of different tuckpointing projects, which means that we are ready to take on anything! Even if your project is unique and complex, our team of expert professionals love a good challenge, and know how to find the best solutions to any masonry problem. Since masonry is just as much an art as a construction style, we take our craftsmanship very seriously, and provide a personalized approach to every project, ensuring beautiful and seamless tuckpointing that will help your building stay strong for years to come. We are passionate about our work, and pride ourselves in satisfied clients, and a job well done. So, for your next tuckpointing project, trust the professionals that care. Contact A Competitive Inc today for your free estimate, and to get your project on its way!

What The Tuckpointing Actually Is?

The Basics of
Tuckpointing Knowledge

So what is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing is a restorative process used on stone and brick structures. It can be done for aesthetics and repairs, and is normally for preventative maintenance.

During tuckpointing, the old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is put into those spaces. This helps to replace old worn and crumbly mortar that is unsightly and can lead to reduced structural integrity. It is key to choose the right mortar to match the coloration, and because different mortar strengths should be used for different structures and bricks or stone. New mortar restores the appearance and strength of your structure.

When should you call for
Tuckpointing Company?

Like many things in life, it pays to be proactive when it comes to tuckpointing. Getting maintenance through tuckpointing can help save you from costly restoration down the road. If your mortar looks cracked, discolored, and is crumbling or missing chunks, call a tuckpointing contractor. They can inspect your mortar and tell you if tuckpointing is necessary at that time.

It is better to perform tuckpointing sooner rather than later, to help save yourself from structural issues and other damages later on. Spending a bit on preventative work now will save you a lot of money on repairs and rebuilds that you will need if you wait too long.

Who Needs Tuckpointing? And When?

Though the tuckpointing itself should be left to the experts, you should be able to tell when you need it done. If you take a close look at your mortar you can surely tell. If you see cracking, crumbling, discoloration and/or holes in the mortar, it is likely your structure needs tuckpointing.

If you want to do a proper inspection, you should make sure that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned first, we suggest power washing, so you can see the details more clearly. Once your walls are clean it will be easier to see any problems with your mortar. You can also  do a “scratch test”, where you take a sharp object and scrape at the mortar; if a powdery white substance comes away then you should schedule an inspection immediately. If you have looked over your building and still aren’t sure, call a masonry contractor to assess your mortar and tell you if you are due for tuckpointing or not.

It is really important to inspect your mortar if you buy a new property and do not know the last time that tuckpointing was done. It is always better to be proactive when it comes to masonry maintenance!

How Often to Tuckpoint

The great thing about masonry construction is that it is durable, and realistically, tuckpointing only needs to be done every 25-30 years, depending on where you live. In places that have wetter climates and more frequent/heavy rainfall, you will likely have to tuckpoint more often. This is the case because when moisture gets in the mortar, it expands, shrinks, and dries, causing all kinds of issues. If you live in wet climates, it is recommended to tuckpoint more often.

When is it Too Late?

The unfortunate news is that there is a point when your structure is beyond tuckpointing. If there are large areas missing mortar and bricks/stones, then it is likely that it is beyond tuckpointing. If you have waited too long for restorative tuckpointing, then your building will require extensive, and expensive, masonry repair and restorations, sometimes having to tear down an entire structure and rebuild it. For this reason, it is important to maintain your masonry and fix the issues while they are still small. Tuckpointing on a regular basis will help to keep your home or business in great shape for generations to come.

And Why Is Tuckpointing So Important?

Regular maintenance helps to keep things in great shape longer. Just like changing the oil in your car, visiting the doctor regularly, and saving for a rainy day, being proactive helps to save you from bigger problems later. Tuckpointing is how you can maintain your masonry work

Tuckpointing fixes the mortar that literally holds your building together!

It helps to prevent water infiltration – avoiding mold and other dangerous water damage.

Preventing water infiltration can help you avoid disastrous basement floods.